Image of Great Weight – Angry Birds

Great Weight – Angry Birds


Great Weight - Angry Birds art prints series Nº1 of 10

[art print now available from the 1st December 2014]

'Angry Birds' is an ongoing series of collage based illustrations, playing with feminine ideology, notions, frustrations, symbolism and ultimately iconoclasm.

This print is part of a series of what is currently a suite of 16 prints, of which 10 are available online. This series will evolve over the next year, and eventually I hope to create a Angry Birds Spotter's guide book.

This particular print is titled 'Great Weight', implies a sense of strength despite size and appearance

This series were recently exhibited for the first time, at 'Ladyfest' in Brussels in March 2014. For the event, a very limited edition of 5 digital prints of each artwork were produced, nearly all of these prints are now sold out. This print is a second edition, Giclée print, signed and numbered edition of 100

Print type: Giclee
Dimensions:  210 x 297mm [A4]
Packaged securely with wrapping and heavy duty double board envelope